Thursday, January 31, 2013

Does Being Married Mean Sex on Demand for Men?

Does Being Married Mean Sex on Demand for Men?

It seems a few relationship experts focus on women being the driving point for a couple’s problem.
The key word is couple.

 For example: It is very small minded to think that just because you are not having sex as often as you may like that it justifies a man going off to cheat.
 He may better serve his delimma first by exploring the reason (or reasons) he is not getting the fulfillment he desires.

Contrary to what you might hear sex should not be thought of as a wife's duty.
A task she is to perform on demand. I've read comments from these experts that say "If you don't have sex with your husband at least 2 to 3 times a week you are pushing him into cheating".

To me that's pretty weak.
There were probably plenty of cracks in this foundation already, not getting enough sex is just the excuse he needs to do what he has already been thinking about.
Let’s address the misinterpretation about sex on demand.

First of all you don’t deserve to have her anytime “you” deem fit.
You may want it but that does not mean you are going to get it.
Be mindful of your treatment of your spouse in fulfilling her needs not just yours.
Her body should be your jewel not a trinket from a bubble gum machine.
Remember that a woman’s body is thought of as one of her most precious assets and she felt you deserving to have her. In other words you worked to earn her trust and win her love. You must be willing to continue that practice.

Sex should be pleasurable for a couple.

It should be beautiful not painstaking.
One question you might want to ask yourself is what is she not feeling about me to want me? A second note you might want to think about is maybe it’s not about you at all. Perhaps there is something troubling on her mind other than you.

 Think before you speak.  Try opening your mind first instead of your mouth you may rediscover the window to her soul.
Talking to your spouse might work better as opposed to pouting, turning over and turning out the light.

You might discover what's on her mind thus working on a solution to the problem you are struggling to deal with.
I’m sure there will be people who will say what about when she is withholding sex to get what she wants?

I would say to that question; I don’t agree with playing games like that to manipulate your partner.
“Some relationship experts” say sometimes this is okay.
I don’t believe it to be the right go to tool in working out a problem.
It’s a tactic practiced by some but in the long run it rarely works and if you are only having sex to get what you want then what does that really say about your marriage and you?

A good marriage is not just about the amount of sex you are having. While sex is great it's also important to note the quality of the sex between you and your partner.

True intimacy reveals stability in the love you have while providing the substance to the love you make.

                              Written By: Larry D. Miller

 Larry D. Miller has over 20yrs in the field of crisis intervention as a call center supervisor for a national crisis hotline. Larry enjoys spending time with his family, writing (Larry has completed and published his first book) and playing golf.